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Get the most out of Microsoft Word with training from Mission Computer Training. Check out what is covered in our three Word Classes.
Word 2000 - Beginning

Students will learn the basic skills necessary to begin using Word 2000.

1 day(s) of training

Lesson 1. Word basics
Introduction to Word
Creating a new blank document and the basics of entering text
The Save As command
Opening and editing a document
Getting help in Word

Lesson 2. Navigating in a document
Scrolling within a document
Searching a document

Lesson 3. Additional editing techniques
Using AutoCorrect
Techniques for selecting text
Moving text

Lesson 4. Character and paragraph formatting
Basic character formatting techniques
Additional character formatting techniques
Paragraph formatting
Working with indents, numbered lists, and bulleted lists
Line breaks and line spacing

Lesson 5. Introduction to tabs and tables
Working with tabs
Creating a table
Editing tables

Lesson 6. Controlling page appearance
Headers and footers
Modifying margins
Page breaks

Lesson 7. Tools and printing
Using proofing tools
Printing a document
Envelopes and labels

Lesson 8. Creating a Web page
Creating a Web page
Using themes and exiting Word

Word 2000 - Intermediate

Students will learn intermediate features of Word 2000.

1 day(s) of training

Lesson 1. Working with Sections
Creating Sections
Newspaper Columns
Using Sections to Change Page Orientation

Lesson 2. Managing Tables and Table Data
Creating and Formatting Tables
Working with Table Data
Drawing Your Own Table
Link and Embed Excel Data

Lesson 3. Using Mail Merge
Creating a Mail Merge Document
Completing a Main Document
The Merge
Sorting and Filtering Merges
Using an Alternative Data Source to Create Mailing Labels

Lesson 4. Styles and AutoText
Applying and Displaying Styles
Creating Custom Styles
Making Changes to Styles
Using Heading Styles to Organize a Document
AutoText Entries

Lesson 5. Introduction to Templates
Templates at a Glance
Using Templates
Creating a New Fax Cover Sheet Based on a Template

Lesson 6. Introduction to Macros
Running and Recording Macros
Working with Existing Macros
Custom Toolbars

Lesson 7. The Internet and the Web
About the Internet, the Web, and Email
Creating a Web Page Based on a Template
Adding Hyperlinks to a Web Page
Adding Graphical Elements to a Web Page

Word 2000 - Advanced

Students will learn advanced features of Word 2000.

1 day(s) of training

Lesson 1. Advanced styles
The AutoFormat feature
Linking styles

Lesson 2. Creating a form template
Forms and fields
Protecting and using a form template

Lesson 3. Using graphic effects
Working with dropped capital letters and clip art
Inserting and editing WordArt
Drawing in a document

Lesson 4. Working with large documents
Creating a table of contents
Footnotes and endnotes
Using a concordance file to index
Preparing to print

Lesson 5. Managing document changes
Using different versions of a document
Tracking changes to a document
Using highlights and comments
Comparing similar documents

Lesson 6. Preparing Word documents for an intranet
Creating hyperlinks
Viewing and editing a web page
Inserting multimedia elements into your web pages