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This is my passion.  I am not sure why, but I have fallen in love with designing database systems and teaching correct design and programming methods.  I currently work with two databases: Microsoft Access and MySQL. 


You can get MySQL for free.  Yes, free.  It is a powerfull Client/Server database that revivals Oracle.  You maybe asking if it is so powerful who is using it?  Well, Yahoo runs the Yahoo!Finance site with MySQL (read related article).  The US Census Bureau also utilizes the power of MySQL (read related article).  Also, many web hosting companies are offering MySQL for your own website for cheap.  This give you the ability to have a world class database at your websites disposal for as little as $7.95/month.  If you are interested in finding a hosting company try doing a search on Google.

Microsoft Access

So you say you don't need a big database, just something to keep track of all your company's parts in their warehouse.  Your best bet then is to use Access.  It is also a good program to learn on for those just starting out with databases.  It is powerful enough to handle millions of records and can be used by multiple people at the same time.